savasana (corpse pose)

ccbackarnoriverI was talking with a friend of mine who recently lost her father.   He had a good life, having been healthy and sound of mind to the end.   He was in his late 80′s and died peacefully in his sleep after a lovely weekend with friends and family.  Although the death of my friend’s father was a huge loss to her, she was comforted by the fact that he had died so peacefully, without any awareness of what was to pass.  We agreed that this was indeed the preferred path to “the end”.

Another friend overheard our conversation and related a story of an older man he knew quite well, who courageously stated:  “When I die, I do not want to go peacefully in my sleep …… I have been waiting my whole life to die,  I want to be completely awake and aware the whole time!”  Wow— how impressive….. I thought…

The concept of not wanting to miss out on one’s own death sends chills up my spine— I think, with the recognition that this is what we are all doing– living, practicing, and ultimately preparing for our final relaxation… I hope to do all of it well….. as… this is the practice–  living well so that we can die well– moving peacefully and consciously into savasana– without resistance, without regret.