As Cassandra’s yoga practiced deepened, so did her interest in the history and philosophy of yoga. This growing interest, along with an intuitive understanding of the important role proper nutrition plays in bringing wellness and balance to our lives, eventually led her to study the sister science of Ayurveda, under the instruction of Dr. Naina Marballi, Ayurvedacharya. Cassandra graduated from Dr. Marballi’s Ayurvedic Nutritional Counseling program in 2007 and is a Certified Ayurvedic Nutritionist and Holistic Health Counselor, accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

  • Consistent with Ayurvedic philosophy and technique, Cassandra’s approach to nutrition is comprehensive- one which places emphasis on living in balance, not only with proper, nourishing food choices but also with life-style choices and modifications which generate a more balancing influence on our complete being.
  • Working with clients to help them achieve a state of balance and attain an overall healthier approach to living, Cassandra begins by determining their Prakruti (or unique mind/body constitution or type).
  • Recognizing each client as an individual with specific innate physical and emotional tendencies, she is then able to assist in tailoring his/her diet and self-care patterns in a way that will bring each client closest to his or her natural state of well-being.