Private and Semi-Private Yoga Sessions and Weekly Yoga Classes

Yoga training with a Kripalu-certified yoga specialist.

Private Sessions are tailored to meet your needs as a unique individual. Cassandra is prepared to create a personal asana practice that fits your goals, needs, and schedule. She honors and respects her students in their own personal process. With a great deal of care and awareness, her teaching fosters the release of layers of physical and emotional stress and tension and invites finding balance and strength in all realms of life.

Each session will focus upon self-exploration and increasing body awareness and connection to our selves through breathing techniques, postures, and relaxation. Sessions emphasize proper alignment with a flowing breath and a mental focus on sensation in the body. Students of all levels of fitness will be invited to listen to their bodies and challenge themselves according to their own needs in a safe, supportive environment.

In addition to her training in Kripalu yoga, Cassandra also holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and is certified as a holistic health counselor, specializing in Ayurvedic nutrition.

Utilizing her various skills and comprehensive training, Cassandra’s work emphasizes promoting and facilitating the practice of self-care for each of her clients, encouraging them to experience their own inner beauty, strength, and power and assisting them in making positive, wakeful, life-affirming choices. As a holistic health practitioner, Cassandra integrates yoga, nutrition, and counseling in a way that inspires her clients to consciously cultivate joy, ease, and greater well-being in their lives.


On the Arno in Florence

On the Arno in Florence


My Yoga Class on the Walkway over the Hudson